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The Texas Way


has been in existence for over 50 years. Its membership includes commercial and purebred breeders and breeders of both seedstock and show stock. Some members have only a few cattle, others have large herds. All share a common goal in the promotion and support of the Shorthorn breed in Texas and nationally.

The association also recognizes the importance of a strong and active youth program and support the Texas Junior Shorthorn Association and junior livestock shows in Texas.

For more information or a directory of members, contact any of the officers or members of the board of directors.

We would love
to have you in our shorthorn family.

Upcoming Events

2023 TSA Field Day

The host of the 2023 TSA Field Day will be determined at the January meeting. If anyone is interested, please let our TSA president know

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TSA Elite Heifer Sale – March 16, 2023

Our annual Elite Heifer Sale is a great way to market livestock to the future of the Shorthorn breed by supporting youth exhibitors.

TSA’s mission is to allow exhibitors to be involved in purchasing high quality females from quality breeders and become involved in the one of the foundation cattle breeds established in the US.

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The TSA publishes a monthly membership newsletter with highlights of breed news and events.